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Wow a month ago in Mongolia, I awoke at 5 am in the morning, at the Ger Camp, just outside where the dinosaurs were found, back in the early 1900’s.    jul09_99_12

It was very windy, the night before and windy early in the morning.  The WC that we had access to, was a low shelter on 3 sides, with two boards on either side of the hole in the ground.  If you didn’t watch it, you’d be blown over to the side, it was that windy.  So this was a low, low squat, in order to stay put!

jul09_99_22 We went on top of this mountainous area, the “Flaming Cliffs”.  Reminded me of Ship Rock in New Mexico, because of the color, and because of the rock structure that was left, after erosin (see that Geology class in college came in handy).  Reminded me of Oklahoma also because of the red soil color.

Amber and I bought some geodes rocks with some lovely crystals inside.  I bought Amber a rose rock, and then a larger geode looking rock.  Kinda cool looking.


Prior to getting to the Yolin Am Glacier area, we stopped along a high area.  Everyone was able to get cell phone reception.  I went outside to find a WC spot (had to make my own….getting very used to this), and I made my own oovm rock site.  Pictured here is the Russian Jeep with everyone in it talking, and me enjoying the fierce winds.  You could lean into them and still be upright.

jul09_99_29 My little rock pile.  Mogi said, she’d add to it with every tourist trip that the brought by, as this was a popular cell phone stop!

jul09_99_30 We ate at a nomad’s home.  She was 60 years old.  Knitted gloves, hatwear, sewed dells…basically during the winter in town made all the things that went into her Tourist Ger right outside the Yolyn Am Glacier Park (in the Gobi Desert, no less).  We ate homemade noodles – watched her make them, with mutton, carrots, potatoes, and onions.  Very yummy.  Drank Milk Tea, yoghurt and a sip of homemade vodka.  Interesting enough, I didn’t get sick on any of the traditional Mongolia dishes.

We went onto the Yolyn Am Glacier, traveled out through the narrow mountains, through the Golden Eagle pass, stayed in a small soum (city) that night



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