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Argh! I’ve already had to mend, reattach a button onto my Lands End pants. Just from going down the kiddie slide. Hmmmm.


I found my vest that I used in my trip to Peru back in 1996.  Amber had used it for a Sadie Hawkins “Going Fishing” theme party, and so I’m ripping out the sewing I did, to make it fit her.  Lots of neat pockets

Here are the links to the clothing items that I bought here recently.  Some good sales going on, with the upf sunscreen clothing.

Lands End Sun Life SunScreen Pant lepant I bought a Field Khaki and Vintage Olive.  I may return it, but I need to see how they wash up.

Lands End Sun Life SunScreen Shirt.  I bought two white and a pink. I don’t really like the topstitching on the shirts, so who knows on this one.


reicozmelshirt REI Cozumel Organic Tops.  V Neck, UPF 50 +.  I bought the Salmonberry, a White and a Blacken Pine.  They are super long, past the waist, which is nice.  I may go back and buy the Peruvian Blue and Tuscan Violet.  I could also wear these as work out tops.  These are nice.

reipantREI Sahara Convertible Pants. I found out by looking at the website that these come in Tall.  And I had specifically asked the lady on the phone, did these come in Tall.  Nope,,,,Yup!  Anyway they are long enough for me, I do need to wear a belt, or take in the seam on the side or something.  I bought the Raffia color and they are UPF 50 +.

reishirtREI Sahara Shirt Long Sleeved.  Nice and light weight, bought the Azul color, SPF 30, vents on the side of the shirt.  Hopefully, this will keep me sun protected and cool.  Mongolia will really be the test for that!

I also purchased a long sleeve shirt from, as it would round out a $50 purchase, with free shipping.  In a green color.  Hopefully, this will be very nice to use too.


I subscribe to Kelly’s Cool Tools, and on there was a description of a fanny pack. I thought, if I ever needed a new fanny pack, that would be the one for me to get.

So I go to Kevin Kelly’s site ( ), and do the search for that fanny pack. Here’s the link. StashSafe 100!

I did a search on ebay, and one of the sponsored links was (For a lesser price of course.) I ordered that, and then picked up an Ex Officio Air Strip Lite Shirt to take to Mongolia too! UPF of 30. So we’ll see how that rates with the REI Sahara shirt and the Columbia shirt that I have.

So sore arm effects from the rabies shot – nada – so that is good!

I ordered from REI some sunscreen vneck tee’s, and a pair of REI sahara pants with the zip off legs. Of course after they are order, and in my home, I find out that they have “talls” in my size. The ones I did get are long enough though.

I also ordered from Lands End, with their new sun screen clothes, the roll up pants, and sunscreen tops.

I’ll use these at home and when I’m in Mongolia, but I think I need to go back and order one more pair of pants and a couple more sleeveless tees.

As Amber and I are going to the Gobi desert for a few days, and there are wild packs of dogs roaming even the cities of Mongolia….the CDC recommends that I get the set of pre-exposure Rabies shots!

So I had to search a bit on the internet, talk to several people in the community, to figure out how to acquire these shots.

Basically insurance covers all but about 28 dollars for these 208 dollar shots (each).  I have to have a set of 3 shots.

Rabies shots are given into the deltoid (upper arm).  Day 0, Day 7 and at Day 21 or 28.  My doctor ordered the shots, and on the 4th, I’ll be getting my first set of rabies shots.

Then two weeks prior to leaving, I’ll be getting my typhoid shot!

On April 27th, received the remainder of my adult shots.
* Chicken Pox
* Hib-A
* Mennigoccocol

I had received my Tdap, about 6 weeks prior to this, at a local Health Fair. Just went on down to my local Health Department, downtown Port Arthur, Texas. Took my previous records with me, and the nurse inputted all my records…all the way back from 1960 into the Texas Health Records system.

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