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Let’s see.

  • 62 linear inches. (total length + width + height)
  • 50 lb. But, if I’m traveling Internationally through Houston to Tokyo, then I can have up to 70 lb. with no additional charge.
  • Two Suitcases.
  • Carry on bag, have it organized.
  • Quart Sized zip top lock bag with all my liquids of 3.4 ounces or less.
  • Hmmm, that would be: sunscreen, concealer, eyedrops, mascara, toothpaste, hand sanitizied gel, grapefruit seed extract, elta swiss melting cream, and another sunscreen, maybe two more….Oh, and my lanolin!

Yeah. It is nasty. I put it into my Emergen-C vitamin drink. Drink it fast!

No shots this week. Next one will be on the 19th!

I’ve been told by two separate sources (two different yogi’s), that Grapefruit Seed Extract is what you need to take on your overseas trip, to help you avoid getting sick on your trip.

Put it into your drink, wash your fruit with it….that type of thing. Also one could take the caplets, but that wouldn’t help with the eating of fruit.

What is your favorite thing to take with you, when you travel?

p.s. On a lighter note, the 2nd rabies shot didn’t hurt either….yeah!

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