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So Amber, Patrick and I ride the bus from Arvaikheer to Ulaanbatter on Saturday.  Arrived in the late afternoon (no time to see the Natural History Museum), and promptly proceed to the Mongel Steepe Guesthouse.

Good thing too, as I think Amber had the last available room in UB, because of UB having their Naadam that day.  The road was packed coming into UB, as people were off to see the horse races.  People were even driving into the oncoming lane.  Now that was interesting!

If was my last experience with the outdoor WC (Water Closet-toilet), and for that I was glad.  I think I actually prefer going outdoors as opposed to the WC.

The airplane ride for me this time was as bad as coming over.  I could not sleep, and did not have nice seatmates coming back.  Coming over we got along swimmingly, had lots of bathroom breaks.  Coming home, I was somewhat stuck with the window seat and therefore, not to many breaks.  My feet swelled up and calves too, even though I tried my best to exercise them in the seat.  Got the swelling down with a bit of “Legs up the wall” yoga poses, when I got home.  Have a bit of jeg lag, coming home too, as I’m draggin!

Miss Grace happy to see me, Derek is off to UM Army, and I’m off to fend for myself for a couple of days.

I think the best part of my Mongolia trip was getting to see Amber, and then meeting and getting to know her counterparts and sitemates.  Second, I think would be the Harhorin and Gobi Trip, and all the “Settlers of Catan” playing!

More on the Mongolia trip coming up, after many many more naps!



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