Mongolian Borrowers in the Dairy Industry: See PCVL/KIVA Amber Barger’s post #fb Kiva Stories from the field.  Gaileee

Here is a little snippit from Amber’s post.

There are several obstacles facing Mongolia’s dairy industry:1) Inadequate collection and treatment infrastructure causes 1/3 of milk to spoil on the way to a processing facility

2) Lack of technical expertise and access to capacity-building and trainings for dairy operators in urban and rural areas

3) Preference of new generation for imported, processed milk compared to domestically produced milk

4) Lack of trust by, usually urban, Mongolians in the quality of locally produced dairy goods

5) Insufficient in both quality and quantity of services for milk producers from breeders, veterinarians, and feed producers

6) A need for modern technology and equipment to make small-scale dairy producers more efficient and increase output