In the June 2010 issue of the National Geographic, I found it cool that two Mongolian peeps were listed as 2010 Emerging Explorers.  Each year the National Geographic Emerging Explorers Program selects rising talents who push the boundaries of discovery, adventure, and global problem solving.  The 2010 class consists of amazing individuals who are innovators in their respective fields.  They are the new visionaries, and inspire people to care about the planet. Fourteen were recognized.

Who from Mongolia, or studying Mongolia?

Paleontologist Bolorstseg Minjin, unearths extraordinary dinosaur and mammal fossils from the Gobi desert while inspiring a new generation of native-born Mongolian paleontologists.


Bioarchaeologist Christine Lee analyzes ancient skeletal remains, bringing new understanding of China and Mongolia’s rich cultural diversity, past and present.

When Amber and I visited the National Museum in Ulaanbaater, there must have been over 70 different diverse types of peoples, that live now in Mongolia.  It was an awesome museum.