Today, we depart to the Gobi Desert.

Yesterday, we visited the National History Museum of Mongolia. Lot of historical and current Mongolian Costumes from the different ethnic groups. Also the history of Mongolia. Good visit.

Went to the square where the Khan statue resides.

Ordered a “deel” to be sewn, after selecting traditional Mongolian fabric.

Visited and met the various program directors for the Peace Corps, in Mongolia.

Ate at California Cafe for breakfast….even had Starbucks coffee!

Lunch at the Luna Blanca, vegetarian style shisk kabobs for me. Amber had some spicey tofu dish.

Did some walking of the streets, tried to visit a monasatery. Additionally, ate dinner with some of Amber’s Peace Corps Volunteers in a nice Mongolian Restaurant. I had the traditional Mongolian dishes…..

Today, we depart for our Gobi trip! Wish us luck!