Gobi tour

5/6 days trip

Day  1. Baga Gazariin Chuluu.  Drive around 280 KM  will see rocky place and Overnight with nomad family.

Day  2.  After breakfast drive to Moltsog sand dune.  Drive around 270 km and will walking around Moltsog sand dune.  Overnight with nomad family

Day  3 Yoliin am Ice Mountain.  Not so far from Moltsg sand dune drive around 2.5 hours.  Hiking to Yoll valley. Overnight in a tent

Day  4.  Drive to Bayanzag (unique shaped trees),  and Temeen shavar (Place where dinosours lived millions of years ago).  Ride a camel at Bayanzag  1 hour.  Overnight Bayanzag ger camp.

Day 5. After breakfast drive to the Erdene dalai.  Drive around 280 km  nothing to see just overnight place.

Day  6. After breakfast drive to Amber’s aimag.

Including: car, gasoline, english speaking tour assistant who will cook for you, cooking gear, tent, blanket, National Park fee, Monastery and Museums fees, three time meals per day, Ger stay, Short time horse and camel riding , Horse trip with local guide, traditional special food named horhog, fishing equipments

Excluding: extra drinks, take pictures camera fees and travel insurance